iPad 3 Photo Hints at Slight Redesign of Tapered Edge

For what it’s worth, the iPad 3 might have a slight redesign. Some leaked pictures indicate that the tapered edge on the iPad 3 is similar to the iPad 2 although it is a little larger than the previous model. The device looks to have a more gradual tapered edge.

Why does this matter? Well, if there is too much of a design shift then some cases might not be “compatible” and will require that you order a new case for your new iPad… if you are planning an upgrade.

As well as having a slightly different design, the camera is also expected to get a boost, perhaps up to 8 megapixels on the back camera. The front camera isn’t mentioned although we expect to see something a little more HD due to the new Retina display and FaceTime calls “needing” to look better. Just to compare the iPad 2 camera to the possible 8 megapixel camera… it really is quite a jump if true because the iPad 2 camera is just 1 megapixel.

As with all rumours, this might tell us everything or nothing. We wont know for sure until the day it is announced as Apple will have test units and test parts made, of which they will pick the final design to send to be manufactured.


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