iPad 3 Confirmed to be a Retina Display

Here’s a leak that looks quite promising. MacRumors managed to get hold of an Apple iPad 3 screen. After a closer inspection of it, the number of pixels looks to be quadrupled… meaning it’s twice the linear resolution or 2048×1536 pixels to be exact.

Rumours about the iPad 3 and a retina display have been going on for a while. In fact, it was originally believed that the iPad 2 would get a higher resolution screen.

Although it isn’t rock solid evidence that the iPad will use this higher resolution screen, I have to say I’d be surprised if it didn’t include the display. Screen technology advances quite quickly and although last year when the iPad 2 launched wasn’t a good time to include it, perhaps for pricing and GPU performance also being lower, now would be a better time.

The screen measures the same 9.7 inches and when put side by side with an iPad 2 display, it doesn’t look all that different.

Expect to see an announcement on March 7 with shipments starting perhaps a week later. The curent and previous generation iPads shipped in the US first followed by several countries a few weeks later. We expect that Apple could launch in several countries this time around as the delay between launches is getting smaller.

Other features to expect include a quad-core A6 processor along with a higher resolution display. LTE has also been hinted at as well as the device being capable of roaming on CDMA networks as well as GSM (like the iPhone 4S).


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