New iPad Case Hints at a Thicker iPad 2S

Before I begin I’ll just comment that this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as it contains an iPad 3 (or 2S) rumour.

A case manufacturer has created a new case that has been designed for an iPad 2S. The company believes that the new iPad will be a small update similar to that of the iPhone 4 to 4S. The main difference with dimensions will be that it is slightly thicker as previously rumoured.

Occasionally, case designers work with blueprints that give all the necessary details to them. This allows cases and other accessories to be created ready for the new iDevice launch. The problem is that Apple seem to be wise to this now and it appears that they might not send out details at all now to prevent companies leaking plans. So, we don’t know at this point if the case pictures above was created from official designs, unofficial designs or if they based it on rumours mentioned earlier.

Either way, the company believes that an iPad 2S will be launching instead of an iPad 3. Whatever difference that makes, it is still believed that the new tablet will have a Retina display, higher resolution cameras and will also run Siri. LTE chipsets have also been rumoured.

We don’t know if it will get redesigned, but what we think will be unlikely is that the tablet will be thicker. Apple will probably make it the same thickness or will make it slimmer. Thicker just doesn’t seem like the Apple way.

So, we have no clue if the case above is real, but expect to see more cases be outed prior to launch and then see them all mysteriously disappear when the realise they got the dimensions wrong.


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