iOS Devices Could get a Smaller Dock Connector on Next Gen Models

Rumours have started today about the possibility that Apple might be shrinking down the dock connector in the next generation of iOS devices. The reason behind it is that it would simply save space inside the device and allow for a larger battery or more powerful networking chips to be installed for LTE connectivity.

The dock has stayed standard for a long time on Apple devices although making it smaller does make some sense as well. To save space on the iPhone 4, Apple adopted the microSIM to cut away unnecessary space being taken up by the extra plastic found around the chip. If Apple cut down the dock connector size, it might make older accessories obsolete unless they come up with a dock connector convertor for example.

Either way, it does make sense and will allow for that little bit of extra space in an already packed design (particularly when looking at the iPhone).

If Apple does implement this, we could see it as early as the iPad 3 next month although some rumours are simply just good ideas but not actually real.


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