Apple iPad to get OLED Screens in 2nd Gen – Rumour

Digitimes have found some leaked information regarding the second generation Apple iPad that is expected to launch next year.

This time they are saying that next years iPad launch will see the device getting an OLED screen. The rumour also claims that Apple [AAPL] are already working on the design of the next generation iPad. We hear that the screen to be used in the device will be the same as that “rumoured” to be used in the next generation iPhone, aka iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.

The problem right now with OLED is the high costs of manufacturing the units. When comparing the costs of an LCD panel to that of an OLED panel the price jumps up (for a 9.7 inch display) from 60 – 70 USD all the way up to $500 making them quite expensive for now.

The good news is that large OLED screen manufacturers are starting to invest in facilities to create more panels, thus lowering the price over time.

It is important to note that this is all just rumour although oft times Digitimes do get it right, there are times when the leaks they provide are not accurate. But, common sense says screens are moving towards OLED, AMOLED and other technologies similar, so chances are if the price is right for the screens next year we might seen an OLED iPad.

Via: 9to5Mac

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