Supersize your iPhone in to an Apple iPad

If the $499 price tag of the cheapest Apple iPad is too much for you then perhaps this alternative might work for you. The iDock XL is simply a 10 inch screen that you dock your iPhone in to and it makes the image on the iPhone in to an image slightly over the size of the iPad.

Some may argue that the iPad is just a blown up iPod Touch (or iPhone) and with that in mind, this is why the iDock XL was created. Problem is that it just doesn’t quite look the part.

The unit costs £149 which is cheaper than an iPad (assuming even Apple [AAPL] wont make the UK iPad price that unbelievable) and allows you to dock either the iPod Touch or iPhone inside.

The dock it’s self is only capable of showing video files from an iPhone due to restrictions put in place by Apple… meaning that if video content isn’t showing then you wont see anything. However, if you go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone then you essentially get an iPad.

Are you convinced? Me neither. It just doesn’t look the part and would seem a bit embarrassing to whip out at the conference table. One final thing, the 10 inch screen isn’t touch meaning you need to touch the iPhone to make it work.

Here is a demo of it in action…

Via: Last 100


  1. Frank Nunez says

    I think the Ipad is a great device. It may have some quirks but after using it for a few weeks it has become a joy to use, especially with all the applications it has. The only issue I have with it is that is does not have USB port for some reason. The reason I presume is Apple wants users to download all software from the App store.

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