Apple iPad – The Worlds Most Expensive Name Tag

This is probably one of the more (if not most) expensive ways to let everybody know what your name is.

The Apple iPad application is called My Name Is and is simply used for you to enter your name and then wear it around your neck to let everyone know who you are.

When I say iPad app, I should probably clarify that it’s actually an iPhone application zoomed in… either way I guess it takes a special sort to want to use the app.

The actual description of the application reads as follows…

My Name Is

Impress your family and friends as you turn your high tech iPhone into a name tag.

-Display your name in 4 colors
-Crisp and clear display on the iPhone screen

Let people know who you are with style with My Name Is!

So there you have it… that’s one way to let people know who you are. We’d personally opt for a sticker to do the job but each to their own.

Via: Giz

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