Apple iPad UK Import Orders Available soon at BundleBox

If you are looking at getting an iPad imported from the US, but cannot order one or get one shipped for various reasons then BundleBox is one option. However, due to the amount of demand that was placed on their service from the initial launch, they have been unable to fulfil orders so stopped accepting orders for the iPad.

This will change on Wednesday when the service reopens…

Due to overwhelming demand we have temporarily stopped taking new iPad orders. Please check back on April 21st, we will take new orders then, starting at 10:00GMT

With Apple [AAPL] delaying the iPad launch by a month it appears that this service will be in demand again, so it is recommended that you log in to BundleBox ready for orders to be accepted to ensure you get one with in the next week or so.

If you are patient enough then just wait till the end of next month where you will hopefully pay less for the iPad and get a UK warranty.


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