Apple iPad 3G Shipping May 7

Apple [AAPL] have updated their site in the US to display shipping information for the iPad 3G models. For those who have pre-ordered the iPad you should expect delivery around May 7. – Update: It appears that those who order the iPad 3G now will receive it May 7th, and those who pre-ordered over the last month or so might still receive it later this month. We’ll keep an eye open and update the post as we find out more.

If you remember, the launch date was supposed to be late April for the iPad 3G, but due to a successful launch and short supplies of stock, the 3G got delayed slightly and also all international launches were delayed a month.

The up side is that the UK, Canada and several other countries should still get both the Wifi and 3G iPad models the same day towards the end of May. Pre-orders for international are set for May 10.

Via: Apple


  1. Stephen P says

    I just got a confirmation that the iPad 3g I ordered will ship on late April from the Apple store…

    • Thanks Stephen. Seems to be a bit of confusion regarding all iPads being delayed till May 7 or if those pre-ordered are still landing late April as originally planned. It seems like this is the case.

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