Homemade Cardboard iPhone Dock

carboard-iphone-dockWith Apple giving away the iPhone 3G for free on certain contracts they had to cut back somewhere and the dock had to go. Geeky-Gadgets have decided that rather then buying an iPhone 3G dock, which costs $29, they would go ahead and make one. They also went a step further and made it a downloadable PDF where you can print your own.

The cardboard dock can be printed on to A4 or letter sized paper, cut out, folded and make a sturdy stand for your iPhone. To make the dock rigid enough to hold the phone it is recommended that you use paper at least 200gsm, but the thicker the cardboard is, the better.

For full details, the free download and instructions, check out Geeky-Gadgets.


  1. Courtenay Inchbald says

    What about a BatRest for a few dollars.

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