MP3 Toilet

MP3 Toilet
MP3 players are now arriving in all sorts of shapes and sized. One I came across today is an MP3 Toilet. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) it is not an actual musical toilet. Rather, it’s a device which works with your toilet. The MP3 player is SD memory card based to allow you to quickly update the music. The player attaches to a wall near the toilet and there is a receiver which goes under the seat. I have yet to work out what exactly that “receiver” does although it could be there to just sense when someone is there.

I have no idea where you can get this although if you flew out to Japan today I have no doubt that you would find it.

Via: Virgin

Hoverwing – A Flying Hovercraft

A cool hovercraft named the hoverwing has been created by a bloke named Rudy Heeman in New Zealand. This hoverwing is a hovercraft with wings attached which allow it to fly over 6 feed above the water. It takes off at top speed which is 60MPH. It has taken a long time to perfect and looks quite fun to fly although in the making he was injured although this didn’t stop Rudy from continuing on. There is space for 1 passenger. Would you fly with Rusy on the hoverwing?

Via: Newlaunches

No-Cut Dual SIM Socket

no cut dual sim card socket
This small device allows you to run two SIM cards in one mobile phone at the same time. With this new version you do not need to hack up your SIM cards to make them fit. It appears that one SIM card goes over the battery and the other one in the regular place. It will not work with USIM 3G cards, but will work with a good number of other handsets. This version also does not require you to switch off the mobile phone to change numbers. You have an option on screen to switch between SIM1 and SIM2. For full details check out GR8 Ideas. A compatibility list is given on that site. The dual sim socket will cost just £9.95 and is perfect for those living the Dual SIM life.

Via: RedFerret

HP LaserJet Hacks

insert coin
Out of all the hacks I could possibly think up of on my own, the HP LaserJet screen hack wouldn’t be one of them. A guy over at Kovaya has successfully hacked the little dot matrix display on a laser jet printer to display any message you want such as Insert Coin. On the larger printers with a larger screen he also managed to write some code to send weather reports that automatically update every 10 minutes. The weird thing is that nobody really notices and although some read, they didn’t question why a printer was doing weather reports on it’s screen.

Via: PCNews

Cool Case-less Case Mod – SkyPuter

We see a ton of different case mods here at Gadget Venue and we can see that many people spend hours carving away at their computer cases and making them in to the next Half Life or Digg style. The idea of this mod was to drop the case completely and just dangle the parts from cat5 cables and a couple of hangers. The idea is weird but cool and makes for some amazing cooling as the surrounding air can just absorb the heat.

Via: OhGizmo and Sky Puter

RC Deadbolt for your Door

For around $30 you can build yourself a remote control deadbolt which comes in handy for a house door, garage door or shed door. It uses an X10 automation controller mixed with some solenoids and a metal bar. When you want to keep people out, just hit the button and you are locked in and safe. All I recommend now is that you wire up the bedroom lights to flash a couple of times and for the alarm to chirp as you hit the lock button when leaving your home.

Via: Lifehacker and Instructables

Breaking the Zero Point – Levitation

Breaking the Zero Point
By using 4 AA batteries, 1 CD, an empty Pepsi can, a playing card, tape roll and a dime you can make some kind of funky levitation device. From the information I can find, it uses discoveries found by John Hutchinson and the Casimir effect which according to sources, is related to resonance and physical forces between objects. I’m not even going to try understand all that as it isn’t the point of this post. Anyway, check out the video below and see the playing card and dime levitate before your eyes. If anyone can make on of these then feel free to post a video and I will post it here.

Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade – video powered by Metacafe

PSP Hackers releasing 3.71

A reverse engineered version of the 3.71 Sony firmware has been released by team M33. Rather then me try to summarise the changes made it would be worth you checking out Krizka who has a rundown of all the features and what it all does. Krizka also mentions that Dark_Alex is behind all this who some of you might be aware of him supposedly leaving the scene earlier this year. Homebrew just couldnt keep him away 😉

Enlighted Lighted Shoes

Light Up Shoes
If you ever get that craving to attach lights to your shoes or clothing and have them flash away then Enlighted have come to the rescue. They make all sorts of customised shoes and clothes with attached lights which flash away. I cant say I have ever come across someone wearing these types of clothes or shoes. Anyway, check them out at the link below.

Light Up Shoes

Product Page Via: 7Gadgets

Custom Laptops

Custom Laptop Typewriter
If you want to spruce up your laptop a bit and done care about the warranty being made void then a custom spray job might be in order. Gen-x-pc offer full custom paint jobs such as the one above. For a 1 colour paint job you are looking at $185 for the lid stepping up if you want extras doing such as the bezel or around the keyboard. The full details can be found over on X-gen-pcs site over here.


Waseda-Docomo Face Robot Version 2

This has to be the freakiest looking face type robot I have seen. It is made by Takanishi and will be showing up at Wired Nextfest. This particular robotic face can shift its whole look by using DC motors, pulleys and slide screws. It tugs on various parts of the face pulling it in to different shapes. This allows various facial expressions. A video demonstration is after the jump.

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Custom PSP Touchscreen

PSP Touchscreen
The PSP has been subject to a number of mods and hacks over the last couple of years. Most of it (if not all) has been down to software and the running of homebrew software. The latest hack is the PSP touchscreen which was created over at Spark Fun Electronics. The PSP touchscreen is a layer that sits above the screen which senses when it is touched. Match this up with an interface and you have a fully fledged touch screen PSP. The screen overlay touchscreen costs just $23.95. There is no mention of compatible software yet and I am sure some kind of homebrew will need to be used to make use of it. Hopefully we will see something soon.

Product Page Via: Technabob