Bat Cave Car Security – Keep your Veyron Safe

Bat Cave
If you have enough money to splash out on a Bugatti Veyron then you need some sort of security to stop it getting damaged or stolen. If you have a spare couple of million dollars to spend then you need a custom built vault which is protected by Level VII ballistic panels. The car is kept on a turntable two feet off the ground and has a waterfall and moat surrounding to prevent intruders getting to your car. Unfortunately the crocodiles are not included.

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Download your PSP Games – Almost


Download Sony PSP Games Legally in the future

How would you like to be able to download games for the PSP rather then purchasing the UMD from a shop? It seems like this is the way Sony is moving with the latest firmware releases for the Sony PSP. Both 3.50 and 3.51 versions were opened up and found to contain a module named np9660.prx which is an official ISO loader made by Sony which can load encrypted ISO files from a memory stick. Also you might be aware of a new download service that is being made available by Sony later this year. This could mean that PSP games will be downloadable in the future, hopefully cutting costs and increasing load times with them working right from your memory stick.

Memory sticks were quite small in capacity a few years back when the PSP was launched, but in the last few months we have seen some nice capacity memory sticks which should allow for several games to be stored on them.

This is only rumor at the moment, but with finding the module in the firmware it is a good indication of what could be available in the next few months.

Via: Hackinthebox

Watch YouTube in ASCII

ASCII Youtube
Warren Harding has designed a program that allows you to watch YouTube videos in ASCII text. It was a test to see if he could access youtube without a nice GUI. He literally created a program which has all the menus and you just choose the video you want to play and it converts it in to ASCII text right on screen.

The Operating System running this is Linux Fedora 6 and it uses a lynx based browser to search for the videos. Check out the video of it working after the jump.

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iPhone Hacks – What do you want to see


iPhone is coming today! What iPhone Hacks do you want to see?

After several months of waiting, the iPhone will be launching at 6pm tonight in the US. Wired put out the question today about iPhone hacks and what people want to see should they want more from their expensive iPhone. Suggestions such as Skype, MP3 ring tones, Instant Messaging, iPod and Internet without a phone plan and quite a few more have been mentioned. No doubt we will see an ongoing battle between the hackers and Apple like we do with the PSP and homebrew. Hopefully some decent apps can come out for the iPhone to make it in to an even more useful device. The collection of all programmers and Apple could make the good even better.

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How far does your WiFi go – 382 Kilometers

When I hear people talking about wi-fi and ranges of their routers you usually get to hear a few hundred feet at the most. This has been totally smashed and a record of 382KM was announced. Thats 238 miles (basically from where I am in Leeds and about 33 miles past London. The equipment used was customised with technology from Intel as well as some custom built parts. The parts used were all off the shelf. The guy who made this is also able to get about 3MBps from this connection which is quite amazing.

Problems faced are that wifi signals tend to break off when the range is increased. By focusing the signal you can increase the distance quite a bit. The next problem is obstacles. You need to have line of sight at this kind of distance… but unfortunately the curve of the earth gets in the way as well as the occasional tree, building etc… which is expected over 238 miles. Intel has created a way to steer electrically the signal which increases bandwidth also. I believe this test was performed up a mountain so it could have near line of site.

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Custom Made Dance Pad

Dance Pad
If you enjoy games like Dance Dance Revolution then you should check out this. Its a custom made dance pad for the game which started life as being not so good at all being made out of cardboard. The next version was made out of wood and was noisy and uncomfortable. The final model pictured above shows the mat with no fancy colours on it, no flashing lights but apparently it does work and is quiet. It is made from 2 separate parts. The pad and then the electronic circuit to connect it to the computer.

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Charge your Mobile with a Wind up Torch

Wind Up Torch
If you enjoy camping and have a wind up torch then you might be able to make some modifications that allow it to charge your mobile phone. The wind up torch (or flashlight) in the video after the jump can generate around 4V of power when you crank the handle. Mixing this together with a Nokia car charger can allow you to generate enough power to charge your phone, PDA and other electronic devices. Its quite a good idea for those who travel and want the mixture of a torch and charger in one. As it is a custom device there are no prices for this. If you do happen to hack away at your torch then just make sure you use the correct testing equipment so that you do not damage the torch or electronic device.

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Nintendo Gameboy XP PC

Nintendo Gameboy XP PC
If you think back a good 15 years you will remember the Nintendo Gameboy hitting the shelves. Like me, you had to get your hands on this cool handheld gaming device. Before the Gameboy was launched I was used to game and watch LCD type games. Having the ability to play different games was something that amazed me. I seem to remember the gameboy cost 69.99 pounds with Tetris although ours was free as my sister won it in a packet of crisps.

Anyway, I came across this Gameboy today which has been hacked apart and fitted with a fully fledged PC inside its case. It has a VGA port, 2 USB ports and runs from a 4GB compact flash card which can boot in to Windows XP. No screen is included, but we assume that you use the USB ports for connecting a mouse and keyboard. More pictures after the jump.

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Custom Built Arcade Cabinet

Custom Arcade
Most people like me will take a trip to the arcades while on holiday to catch up on the old games like Double Dragon, Street Fighter and Daytona. Arcade games are cool, but it still sucks having to feed them with money. This guy decided to build his own arcade machine which resembles a Japanese head to head game.

As can be seen it does look quite cool and a good laugh to play. It is tempting to build my own for the basement but I think I will pass and concentrate on my own cinema room 🙂

Via: SlashGear

FlashPez – The Pez Flash Drive

Many flash drives are coming out with fancy new features such as LCD displays showing memory usage, titanium ones which are super strong. However, I have not seen or even thought of modding a Pez dispenser to make in to a flash drive. This is exactly what Metku did. In the picture above we see a familiar character from the Incredibles converted over in to being a flash drive.

Check out all the pictures and instructions at the link below so you can make your own flash drive Pez dispenser.

Via: Metku

Sony PSP Steering Wheel Mod

PSP Steering Wheel
The Sony PSP Steering Wheel mod is one of those mods you just have to take a look at, but at the same time you wonder why it was thought of. It’s not the most practical of mods to have been created and it isnt a portable mod (from what I can tell in the video below). However, it kind of is cool to think you can burn around the track on Ridge Racer or smash people up on Burnout.

Via: Engadget

Military-grade Password Protection

Passwords for most are a serious matter. We all have some kind of password to protect something. With hackers getting more advanced we often find the need to run more complicated passwords and change them each month. With this in mind the Mandylion Manager has been released which promises military-grade password protection. The device costs just $49.99 and can store up to 50 login passwords, combinations, codes and what ever else is needed. The device also has the ability to generate passwords on specific criterea set by systems. The password length can be up to 14 charachters long. Each password is stored in permanent memory that is tamperproof. Should the battery also die then the passwords are still safely stored.

If you manage a number of servers like me, or have a ton of passwords that are just too complicated to remember then this device is for you. The question needs to be asked…. what protects the password from being accessed? There are 5 buttons on the device and a sequence of these buttons needs to be pressed to access your passwords. As long as you remember that 1 sequence of button presses then you are good to go.

* Manages up to 50 login records simultaneously
* Generates cryptographically strong passwords
* Complies with all DoD, Govt. & Industry Password Security Policies
* Multiple tamper-resistant features and lockout alarms
* Manages Root and Group passwords
* Cradle connection via USB
* Kit containing: token, a configuration cradle, Policy Master Configuration Software
* Dimensions: Approx. 2.5″ x 1.5″ x .375″ (65mm x 45mm x 10mm)
* One-year warranty

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