MP3 Toilet

MP3 Toilet
MP3 players are now arriving in all sorts of shapes and sized. One I came across today is an MP3 Toilet. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) it is not an actual musical toilet. Rather, it’s a device which works with your toilet. The MP3 player is SD memory card based to allow you to quickly update the music. The player attaches to a wall near the toilet and there is a receiver which goes under the seat. I have yet to work out what exactly that “receiver” does although it could be there to just sense when someone is there.

I have no idea where you can get this although if you flew out to Japan today I have no doubt that you would find it.

Via: Virgin


  1. Ah, this is just what we all need, a musical toilet! What will it play?
    The toilet is about $1750, made by Toto Japan.

  2. Thanks for finding that Neece. Do you have a link that I can put up about it?

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