Custom Laser Projector

This cool laser projector was created by those over at instructables. It uses a green laser and a few various parts which when bundled together project an image from a photo frame. The projected image also requires no focusing and can be perfectly clear where ever it is projected on to. The sample image above is about 30 meters away. All we need now is a video laser projector mixed with red, green and blue lasers. Maybe that will come another day.

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Pizza Box PC Mod

This Pizza box (from Little Caesar) contains a fully working PC inside. Of course there is no pizza in there ;). When the lid is flipped it reveals the motherboard, PSU, hard drive and DVD player. None of the actual equipment seems to be secured down too well as you can see the sticky tape holding various parts in place. However, how often do you really need to shift your PC around for that to be a problem? More pictures of the mod are found after the jump. However, the trash can computer is my favourite PC mod at the moment.

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Shopping Cart Seat

Shopping Cart Seat
If online shopping has you hooked and you need that constant reminder of it then a shopping cart seat is perfect for you. It is made from old shopping carts/trolleys and is shaped in to a seat.

However, it costs an arm and a leg to buy at $2700 although that was back in 2001. Hopefully the shopping cart seat is a lot cheaper these days.

If you have even more money then you could go for the giant mopowered shopping cart to get the whole family in.

Via: ReadyMadeMag

Trash Can Computer

Trash Can Computer
This computer mod is one of the craziest I have seen. It is shaped like a large bin (trash can) and has all you need to use it as a PC in your home. If you flip open the lid you will see a number of components squeezed in there such as the PSU, motherboard, cables, CD drive etc. Around the back are the connections to hook up a keyboard, mouse, monitor and all your USB devices. No details on the specs though although with a bit of effort, anything could be put in to the can.

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ASUS Eee PC Can run Vista – Just

The ASUS Eee PC is a small computer which comes with either Linux or Windows XP installed. Many have commented that Vista will not fit on it. Paul over at MoDaCo managed to squeeze vista on there and has provided instructions on how to do it. He used an Eee PC (unmodified) with 4GB of storage and 512MB RAM. An SD card was needed as well as a Vista DVD and a 1GB USB stick. For full instructions on how to get Vista on your Eee PC check out the full instructions over at MoDaCo.

88 MPH Speedometer

For those of you who remember the classic 80’s films named Back to the Future, you will already know that 88MPH was required to make the DeLorean travel through time. Once the car hit 88MPH you saw the flux capacitor light up and a number of sparks around the car formed which then whisked it in to another period of time.

You can get your own 88MPH speedometer which costs $150 as well as another number of replica 1:1 scale parts to build your own time machine looking DeLorean. Check out bttfdelorean for more details.

RAM Hair Pins

RAM Hair pins
These hair pins have 256 Meg of RAM attached to them. They are attached with industrial adhesive which will only break with the impact of a hammer or similar force. Not the best thing money can buy, but I guess someone must want them.

Available from Etsy for $5.

Via: 7Gadgets

Recycled Circuit Board Fridge Magnet

Recycled Circuit Board
By making use of an old recycled circuit board this fridge magnet is a perfect present for any geek. It has the circuit board, 2 keyboard keys and a couple of electrical diodes. The magnet is strong enough to not let it slip when attached to a fridge door and is a geeky way of leaving notes for your loved ones.

You can pick one of the circuit board fridge magnets for $8.00 from Etsy.

Star Wars Case Mod

I have seen many case mods dotted around the internet which are inspired by many movies and games. The latest and greatest is the StarWars case mod which is modelled around the Millennium falcon of Star Wars.

Now, let’s have a look at the components used for this custom base star war toy. A multi-colored cycling power light, dual hard drive activity headlights, blue EL-string engine bay, 6 exhaust fans for cooling, dual hard drives including one with window, Power, reset, and engine light switches in cockpit.

Impressed I imagine. It does not stop with just the case though. The Modder has also made an X-Wing in to a mouse. This modded case is truly one of the great ones to have been created. More pictures can be found after the jump.

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Amazon Kindle Gutted

Amazon Kindle
Unboxing ceremonies tend to be where a webmaster whips out an electronic gadget out of it’s box and shows you the unpacking process including what comes in the box. Rapid Repair took it a step further by actually taking the product out of it’s casing. This product was the new Amazon Kindle which is a new eBook reader from Amazon. Check out RapidRepair for the full taking apart procedure.

Via: Fosfor

The Best Paper Airplane in the World

Best Paper Airplane in the World
When building a paper airplane, most people stick to the conventional method of creating the flying wedge that spins and crashes to the ground. Above this text you will see the worlds best paper airplane. As can be seen, it’s a little more complicated to build then your average paper plane. Let us know the results and if it flies well. Instructions on building the plane can be found below.


Cheap and Easy Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Caffeine Boost Your WIFI – Watch the top videos of the week here

Grab your self a couple of cans such as Sprite, chop them in half and follow the instructions on the video above to create a wi-fi signal booster. The process looks easy enough although I have not tested this yet. It would be interesting to see how much more of your house you can cover with a device like this. Let me know if you make one of these and if you see an increase in range.