Hoverwing – A Flying Hovercraft

A cool hovercraft named the hoverwing has been created by a bloke named Rudy Heeman in New Zealand. This hoverwing is a hovercraft with wings attached which allow it to fly over 6 feed above the water. It takes off at top speed which is 60MPH. It has taken a long time to perfect and looks quite fun to fly although in the making he was injured although this didn’t stop Rudy from continuing on. There is space for 1 passenger. Would you fly with Rusy on the hoverwing?

Via: Newlaunches


  1. This is so cool! I would love to ride in one. That’s amazing. It’s almost flying!

  2. You should try contact Rudy Heeman to see if you can get to be his first passenger 😉 I am sure the trip to NZ might set you back a fair few $$ though.

  3. its cool can i have some information about its construction.
    mail me if possible.

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