Takumi Crash Calculator

takumi_crash_calculatorThe Takumi Crash Calculator is a bizarre thing. It has a crazy looking keypad on it that doesn’t comply to the standard form of a normal calculator, and it has a special random crash mode.

The Crash Calculator is labelled as being able to randomly crash… just for fun… because everybody has an impulse to crash once in a while. I am not sure I like this idea yet of solving some maths calculation and BAM… I have to start again. No doubt though that the complicated keypad layout probably wouldn’t allow you to get close enough to solve an equation anyway, so crash or no crash, it wouldn’t matter.

Would you buy one of these?

Via: TechNaBob


  1. CrazyGadgets says

    I don’t really understand the utility for this calculator. First i thought it was used for airplane crashes…

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