4 in 1 Mini Torch

4-in-1-torchThis little handy torch is available from GizFever and features 3 different types of light source. It has a regular white LED, a UV light to check your notes with and a laser pointer.

I have no idea why it’s called a 4 in 1 when there are only 3 light sources, but hey… it’s cheap.

4 in 1 Mini Torch Features

# Features: 1 White LED Light
# UV Light (Money Checker)
# Laser Pointer
# KeyRing
# One button to switch between LED light and UV light
# One button for Laser Pointer
# Using 3 x AG10 Battery Cells (Battery Cells Included)
# Dimension: 11.5 cm (with Keyring) x 1.5 cm

$3.99 from GizFever.

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