iOS 6 can scale to 640 x 1136 hinting at a 4 inch screen

Many iPhone users want a larger screen and although Apple has stuck with the standard 3.5 inches on every single iPhone released, there have been hints that they might switch to a 4 inch model. Leaked parts over the past few weeks and months have hinted at a larger screen and now some other evidence, in the way of software, now provides more strength to these rumours.

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iPhone 5 nano SIM tray pictured

Apple will likely start using a nano SIM when the iPhone 5 launches. The nano SIM is now an approved standard SIM card which means that Apple will be able to use it in smartphones and other 3G/4G devices. The whole reason for the switch is that it simply saves a little bit more space. With modern day smartphones, companies try to cram in and fill up every mm3 of space. By cutting down on the size of the SIM by a few mms it allows for another small component to be added etc…

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Tesco trials virtual shopping at Gatwick airport

Tesco has come up with a unique approach for shoppers by now making virtual stores available at Gatwick airport. The idea is that you land from your 2 week vacation, walk past a large screen with virtual products on the shelves, use your iPhone or Android smartphone to scan what you want and then have all the items delivered to you when you get home.

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iOS 6 Beta 4 download now ready

Apple released the beta 4 version of iOS 6 to developers yesterday. Along with that update, several new changes were included as well as a number of the usual bug fixes that prepare it for a full release in September or October.

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Leaked Sense 4.1 for HTC One X increases performance

When Sense 4 was launched there was some noticeable lag when transitioning between screens, pulling down the notifications window amongst other things. A leaked version of Sense 4.1 has made its way on to the internet and it appears that all the laggy issues have been resolved.

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Google Now Voice Search now working on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Now recently launched although it had one rather big restriction… it only works on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices. At the moment there are not too many devices that run 4.1 Jelly Bean which makes the app out of reach for many users of the Android platform.

Users over at XDA-Developers have been working on porting the app to older versions of Android though. At the moment they now have it working on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Although the team managed to port it quite quickly the voice features were not working. Good news is that the voice features are now working and Google Now fully works on Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

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Angry Birds Space to get Red Planet update

Angry Birds Space will be getting an update soon which will bring the birds to the Red Planet. The Red Planet update is launching to coincide with the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover (landed within the last hour or so).

Not much is known about the update although I think it’s fairly obvious what it will be about considering we’ve already had the Space version of Angry Birds since earlier this year.

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Gmail for iPhone updated

Google has released an update for its Gmail app on the iPhone and iPod touch. The new version of the app brings smoother animations as well as smoother scrolling. As well as it running better, Google also now allows image attachments to be saved to your photo library.

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Nokia launching 808 PureView in the UK next week

The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone will be going on sale next week in the UK. The 808 PureView is unique due to the size of the camera sensor which is capable of capturing 41 megapixels.

Although carriers will not be offering the device on contract, it will be made available at Clove and will be sold for £499.99 inc VAT.

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iPhone 5 event rumoured for September 12 with September 21 launch

The next iPhone is getting closer, perhaps closer than originally expected as we hear that there will be an event planned for September 12 with a launch of September 21 for the device. Although some are referring to it as the iPhone 5, it will likely be called just iPhone or the new iPhone to move away from numbers. It will actually be the 6th generation phone.

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Google Earth update for iPhone/iPad brings 3D to some locations

Google has just beaten Apple to launching 3D maps on the iPhone and iPad by releasing an update for Google Earth. The new version is 7.0 and it brings with it several updates one of which is 3D imagery for some cities around the world.

Google Maps were originally used on the iPhone and still are until iOS 6 launches later this year. At that point, Apple will use its own 3D mapping features. Google Earth has been available as an app for a few years now but this is the first time that 3D cities have been available in the app.

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iPhone prototypes from 2006 revealed

The picture above shows prototypes of the iPhone. They were made around 2006 (a year before the iPhone launched). The one on the right looks more Nokia esq while the one on the left looks similar to what the iPhone 4S looks like now.

We are not sure why Apple went for the original iPhone (3G/3GS) design if they already had an iPhone 4/4S design available but we assume that it was related to the technology advances at the time not quite allowing the 4 to be thin enough to look good and retain a decent battery life. Hence, they went with the original iPhone design with the slightly bulging back on it to squeeze a battery in.

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