Mobile Phone Cameras becoming more popular then Cameras?

A recent study shows that 44% of people use their mobile phone as their main camera. I can see with the introduction of even higher mega pixel cameras that they will one day totally take over.

The mobile phone is becoming a main point in most of our lives. They are used to time keep, as alarm clocks, more recently as MP3 players (especially with the launch of the Sony Walkman Phone).

This survey was performed by Nokia as the number of mobile phones across the world is aproaching 2.5 billion handsets. A crazy amount of phones in my opinion.

If mobile phone makers can add all the tools in to 1 device then I am all for this. On my phone I can watch TV, listen to MP3’s, send and receive emails, browse the internet at high speed and more. There is no doubt that mobiles are just going to continue pressing forwards heavily. Also I see wifi being integrated with the latest Nokia N range of phones as well as small hard drives in there also. A whole mine field of information will be available in your pocket from anywhere in the world.

I look forwards to what the future brings in the mobile phone industry!

World Cup and Mobile TV

The World Cup is set to be a testing ground for TV on mobile phones. I already see links on my Three phone offering to send me video clips of each goal right after it happens live.
I can see video on the move being very popluar with 3G services now being around.

Amongst the World Cup there are other shows being prepared for broadcast and the phone companies are expecting millions of users (more then 210 million even) will be watching TV on their mobiles by 2011. Not sure how they worked out that number and year but it shows that this could be big… in a small mobile kind of way 🙂

Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router

This new(ish) wireless router is the answer for those of you who hate loosing your connection mid game. This beast delivers a whopping 25,000sq metres of coverage (that’s 500% more wireless coverage than standard 802.11g).


The RangeMax is designed to work on the fly and will adapt to any situation. If someone uses a mobile phone or microwave in the presense of one of these then it will auto adjust and create a new path (as shown on the funky animation below).


Check it out at for the UK and below to buy in the US. – Netgear RangeMax Wireless Access Point – WPN802 – WPN802NA

BT to install Broadband to UK Cities. Cheap VOIP maybe??

BT have announced that they are to install wifi networks and broadband connections in several major cities in the UK. These are Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London’s Westminster area. As with most business decisions, this decision aims to boost revenue and push mobile device sales and use in the future. The implementation of the networks will be done in stages with an initial 12 cities piloting the scheme. According to BT,they are already in discussion with other places to install their blanket network, so watch this space for this being available near you.

BT Fusion may be made compatible with this new service allowing cheaper calls from a mobile network while connected to a wifi hotspot. The current BT Fusion works over Blue Tooth when in range of your home or office.

Other firms such as The Cloud are already operating in a few cities across the UK.

It will be interesting to see exactly how much is charged for this service. From past experience, wifi has been a tad on the expensive side. We will have to wait and see!

Current prices for Wi-Fi access on contract is £6.99/Month for a single device or £9.99/Month for multiple devices. (Updated July 2008)