iOS 6 can scale to 640 x 1136 hinting at a 4 inch screen

Many iPhone users want a larger screen and although Apple has stuck with the standard 3.5 inches on every single iPhone released, there have been hints that they might switch to a 4 inch model. Leaked parts over the past few weeks and months have hinted at a larger screen and now some other evidence, in the way of software, now provides more strength to these rumours.

The iOS simulator is able to be put in a slightly higher resolution mode that is 1136 pixels tall. The width stays the same at 640 pixels which follows along with rumours that the screen wouldn’t be wider, but simply taller which would only change the aspect ratio.

When run in iOS 5 at that resolution the icons are just spread out a bit although if run on iOS 6 another row of icons are added to the screen.

Although both hardware leaks and iOS updates now hint at a larger screen it is still possible that Apple will run with a 3.5 inch screen as it has worked well for them over the past 5 years. Not long to find out now!


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