Google Earth update for iPhone/iPad brings 3D to some locations

Google has just beaten Apple to launching 3D maps on the iPhone and iPad by releasing an update for Google Earth. The new version is 7.0 and it brings with it several updates one of which is 3D imagery for some cities around the world.

Google Maps were originally used on the iPhone and still are until iOS 6 launches later this year. At that point, Apple will use its own 3D mapping features. Google Earth has been available as an app for a few years now but this is the first time that 3D cities have been available in the app.

After testing both Earth and iOS 6 maps, I have to say that the iOS maps work a little smoother in terms of being able to scroll around objects although Google works quicker in Hybrid mode where streets are layered over the top of the 3D and satellite imagery.

As for compatible versions of Google Earth, it only brings 3D to the iPhone 4S as well as the iPad 2 and new iPad.

The update is available through the App Store on the device or from within iTunes.

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