iPhone 5 nano SIM tray pictured

Apple will likely start using a nano SIM when the iPhone 5 launches. The nano SIM is now an approved standard SIM card which means that Apple will be able to use it in smartphones and other 3G/4G devices. The whole reason for the switch is that it simply saves a little bit more space. With modern day smartphones, companies try to cram in and fill up every mm3 of space. By cutting down on the size of the SIM by a few mms it allows for another small component to be added etc…

The picture above gives a comparison of what the iPhone 4/4S micro SIM tray looks like when compared to a nano SIM tray which is supposedly from an iPhone 5. Although the nano SIM is smaller, it will likely just use even less plastic when compared to the micro SIM which essentially is just a regular SIM with plastic also cut off around the edges.

All will be revealed next month on a rumoured date of September 12.

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