Leaked Sense 4.1 for HTC One X increases performance

When Sense 4 was launched there was some noticeable lag when transitioning between screens, pulling down the notifications window amongst other things. A leaked version of Sense 4.1 has made its way on to the internet and it appears that all the laggy issues have been resolved.

HTC appears to be bringing Sense to more of a stock Android feel. In testing of the new Sense 4.1 the following issues were fixed:

1. Live wallpaper lag has been fixed
2. There’s a dedicated button in the Camera app to switch between Front/Backward facing cameras. (earlier you’d have to go into the menu for that.)
3. A dedicated button to switch tabs in the browser. (You’d have to go into the menu for that, too)
4. Complete removal of all 3D-Effects in the launcher leading to a completely lag-free experience.
5. Probably the most important- Rebased on Android 4.0.4
6. Added ability to remap the recent apps button/ Long-press recent apps/ Long-press Home as Menu. (yes, it removes the Virtual menu bar) under Settings->Display, Gestures and Buttons
7. New, blazing fast kernel. We mean it. It scored a pretty impressive 59oo+ in Quadrant benchmark (compared to 5100+ on Sense 4)
8. Wifi-dropping/ Icon showing weak signal Fixes.
9. Better Battery life- 5 Hour+ Screen-on time as compared to a measly 3 Hour+ on Sense 4.

Note that this particular Sense 4.1 update is only compatible on International versions of the HTC One X that run with a Tegra 3 chip. Check the full details at XDA-Developers along with the post over at Phandroid for more information. Again, proceed with caution as this is unsupported software.


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