Any Glove turns any gloves in to Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

Any Glove is a product that turns any gloves in to touchscreen capable gloves. Each bottle contains around 550 drops that can be put on to any type of glove and when soaked in, it allows them to somehow work with capacitive touchscreens.


There are a few recommendations before using Any Glove which includes testing on a hidden part of a glove before putting on to the finger tips as it can cause slight discolouration on some materials. Other than that, its good for use on a number of pairs of gloves due to the amount you get in a bottle.

Price wise, it is currently £19.99 and available in the UK over at Firebox.

Specs and Features

Please Note:
* It is recommended to test before using on light-coloured gloves as some discolouration may occur
* Keep away from children (although their gloves are fine)

Product Features:
* Adhesive solution that lets any material function with touchscreen technology
* Easily application and reapplication (where necessary)
* Works on almost any kind of glove
* Bottle contains approximately 550 drops – enough to treat multiple pairs

* Measures approximately 4cm(D) x 4cm(W) x 9cm(H)
* Contains approximately 15ml

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