iPhone 14 Event Coming Soon

If Apple keeps to the schedule of launch events for the iPhone over the last few years, then we can expect the iPhone 14 to be announced, and likely be launched sometime in September. The predicted date is currently September 7 for the announcement, and likely open for pre-orders a few days later.

We can probably expect the usual updates such as better cameras, a faster processor, as well as some cosmetic changes. Listing those changes doesn’t particularly sound too exciting, although for those who keep hold of their iPhones for a few years at a time, a speed bump and better camera is always welcome.

As well as announcing the iPhone 14, it is also expected that we will see Apple Watch updates as well. The current model is the series 7 that replaced the series 6. For me personally, the series 7 launch wasn’t too exiting and I was secretly glad that it wasn’t too much of an upgrade compared to the series 6 that I had purchased a year earlier. However, I have high expectations for series 8. One thing it seems we won’t see is a new design for the series 8. According to Bloomberg, the series 8 will have the same design as the series 7, although surprisingly we will likely see a sport version that has a “larger display, rugged titanium case, new fitness tracking features and more battery life”, and probably cost a whole lot more.

We might also see a new Apple Watch SE which is the cut down, or budget version of the Apple Watch that has a good amount of power, but lacks a few features like the ECG and blood oxygen sensor.

Overall, I expect a nice lineup of devices to be announced although this year with inflation as it is, perhaps sales might go a little slower. If you do have the money and have an older phone and watch, this years event could be one to keep your eye on.