iOS 6 now on 15% of devices within first 24 hours

The benefits of having just 1 brand of phone using an OS is that the adoption rate is far quicker. Take the iPhone for example, when a new version of the software is made available it generally works on the last 3 or 4 generations of devices and can be installed at the same time. Previously this had to be done with a wire connecting up to iTunes, but since iOS 5 it has been possible to update over the air. This is why iOS 6 is now on 15% of devices within the first 24 hours of release.

Compare the graph below to that of Android OS updates, we can see that Jelly Bean is only available on 1.5% of devices after about 2 months. That is because there are so many Android devices running the operating system that are either not compatible, or awaiting carriers to modify, build and push a new update out.

Here is a graph showing the adoption rate of iOS 6 (created by Chitika):

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Apple comments on iOS 6 Maps problem

iOS 6 was released a couple of days ago to the public and within the first day or so, many users have reported problems with the maps due to problems when them being incorrect in many cases. Part of the reason for the backlash was that the maps cut out street view which the previous Google version had from iOS 5 and earlier. But, that isn’t the only problem. Users have also complained that there are many errors to be found such as towns missing, towns labelled wrong as well as an airport marked on a farm in Ireland.

Apple has now responded to clarify where it stands. The comment first says how brilliant iOS 6 is and then tags a bit on the end saying that they have a team of engineers working on it.

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iOS 6 video demonstation of all new features

Redmondpie has been very helpful by putting together a video of all the new features to be found in iOS 6. The demonstration shows both the iPad running iOS 6 and an iPhone running the new operating system. The iPhone is a 4S while the iPad is an iPad 3 (or the new iPad as it’s officially known as).

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iOS 6 Download Now Available

Yesterday, Apple [AAPL] released iOS 6 to the public. The new version builds on previous versions of the operating system. It is compatible with all iPhone models down to the 3GS as well as the latest 2 generations of iPod touch and the iPad 2 and iPad 3. For those running the latest gen iPhone 5 (released tomorrow), this OS makes use of the larger screen and also has all the apps adapted to fill the extra space on the screen.

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iPhone 5 announced – release date is September 21

After many months of speculation and leaks, most of which were correct I might add, the iPhone 5 has finally been announced. The new smartphone is called the iPhone 5 and brings several new things to the iPhone range.

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iPhone 5 packaging leaked

Although the invitation to a press event has a 12 for the date I assume and a number 5 in the shadow, these were put together to mean iPhone 5 announced on September 12. But, a “leaked” picture of what looks to be a packaging printing machine now seems to show that the iPhone might just be referred to as iPhone with using the same naming as the new iPad… ie, “The new iPhone”. The font, text, bolding and upper case letters are all in the right places when compared to the latest gen iPad, so perhaps this is correct.

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iPhone 5 event announced for September 12 by Apple

Apple has sent out invites to a press event which will be held on September 12. As seen in the image below, the phrase “It’s almost here.” is used along with a 12 although the shadow is a number 5 which strongly hints at Apple calling the new phone, assuming it is a phone that is announced, an iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 mockup hands-on posted

A few moments ago I posted a picture of what someone thinks the iPad mini will look like, should Apple decide to launch it. This post is now about an iPhone 5. The device is a mockup created by a case manufacturer who apparently has the official specs ready for a launch in the next few weeks. The device is not working and is literally just parts cut out to match the dimensions that Apple has provided.

Instead of a picture, the Verge managed to spend some time with the case manufacturer although the company behind the mockup didn’t want to be identified, understandably.

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New Windows Phone from HTC leaked – the HTC 8X

A few days ago a new smartphone called the HTC Accord was leaked along with a few specs. It appears that this device will now be known as the HTC 8X when it launches. From what I can see on the picture below, it will be running Windows Phone 8 as the operating system.

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Get 50GB of Dropbox storage when buying a Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Camera

Dropbox is giving new Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Camera owners 50GB of free storage for two years. To activate it, you will simply need to log on to Dropbox from your new Samsung device (when they launch).

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Windows Phone 8 release date revealed

Although not official details, ZDNet has been told by an anonymous source at Microsoft that the Windows Phone 8 release date will be October 29. This date is a few days after the launch of Windows 8 and when Windows Phone 8 arrives a few days later although this is specifically talking about the announcement rather than handset availability.

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Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 smartphone revealed

Samsung has revealed the first Windows 8 powered smartphone at IFA. The new smartphone is called the Samsung ATIV S. Specs have also been revealed which show the device is just 8.7mm thin. It has a brushed aluminium chassis along with a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display. The glass on the front is provided by Corning and is the new Gorilla Glass 2 which is thinner but stronger than the previous generation of glass.

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