Alternative iPhone Finder

When most people lose an iPhone they would typically fire up the free Find my iPhone app on an iPad or log in to to locate their device on a map. The iPhone Finder is a device that helps you locate a device in close range to you.

The device works with Bluetooth to pair up to an iPhone that is within 25 feet of it. When it detects the phone it wakes an app that can then be used to make sounds and vibrations helping you track your phone down.


It is also designed for those who don’t ever want to be more than 25 feet away from their phone. A settings in the free app makes it possible to establish a connection with the bluetooth keyring and when you move more than 25 feet away from your phone, an alarm sounds.

Although quite a weird gadget, if I’m honest… I guess it still has its uses for those who either lose their phones or don’t want to risk being far away for a period of time.

It currently costs $49.95 and is shipping now from Hammacher.

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