Lifeproof Cases for iPhone offer Waterproof Protection

Lifeproof is a protective case for both the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as the iPhone 5. When securely in place, the Lifeproof makes the iPhone water and dust proof to IP-68 standards. It has been designed to military specifications allowing you to drop your phone, immerse it in water and use it in dusty places without effecting the actual smartphone inside.


As well as completely sealing the iPhone in a case, a few access areas are provided allowing you to open them up to charge and connect headphones.

The LifeProof completely covers the iPhone. on the front is a double AR-coated optical glass which is described as being barely visible as to not take away from the quality of the Retina Display found underneath it.

Price wise… the iPhone 5 version costs £69.99 and the iPhone 4/4S version costs £59.99, both available from Firebox.


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