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Google Earth Update Makes Globe More Seamless

Google has just updated Google Earth with a few new features. One of the main features is that the globe and zoomed out satellite imagery is now seamless which means there is less or no patch work covering around the earth. The reason for the previous versions looking like patch work is due to photos being captured at different times and under different brightnesses of light and cloud covers. You can see a before and after shot of the Grand Canyon just below.

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Will the iPhone 5 Be Longer/Wider and Launch in the Summer? – I don’t think so

Rumours have started circulating again about the future of the iPhone and the next generation model. It is currently being called the iPhone 5 which is quite possible although some argue it could be the iPhone 6. Either way, that’s not too important right now.

What the latest rumours say is that the iPhone 5 will not have a tear-drop design, but that it will have a 4 inch screen and be slightly taller and slightly wider than the current iPhone 4S. We also hear that Apple will be switching back to a summer launch for the device.

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Amazon Kindle Touch Updated to 5.0.3 – Brings More Speed

The Amazon Kindle Touch had a problem when it was launched. The problem was that it is just a little slower than wanted. Amazon has finally responded by making a new update available which fixes the problem. The update is 5.0.3 and it is available now.

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Google Wants to Speed up the Web by Making TCP Faster

Google is on a quest to speed up the web and has been for a while. The idea is that web pages load quicker which in turn, makes a better experience for the user.

The next phase in the quest is related to TCP. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is currently used to deliver web content across the internet. It allows computers to connect up to networks and networks to connect to other networks. Google has created some suggestions that will change how TCP works a little.

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Samsung Galaxy SIII Release Date Looking to be April

Samsung is rumoured to be launching the Galaxy SIII in April this year which will follow an announcement made at Mobile World Congress this February.

As we have seen with the previous Galaxy S models, we can expect some high-end specs and a very sleek device. Lets take a look at the rumoured specs of the device. Also note that the image below is just a concept of what it could look like.

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Another Quad-Core Phone Revealed – the LG X3

The LG X3 is a quad-core smartphone that is scheduled to be launched in 2012. The device is expected to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich when it launches and will have a large 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

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Singapore Launches a Camera-Less iPhone 4S

Last week, various blogs reported that Singapore operator M1, was about to launch an iPhone 4S without a camera. The reason for it is related to the military in that country prohibiting the use of mobile phones with cameras. To get around that regulation, M1 has removed the cameras from the iPhone 4S and is selling it without. With the modifications, the iPhone 4S is now approved for use.

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iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak Release Date Almost Here

It appears that the iPhone 4S jailbreak will be released in the next few days. The release will also be compatible with the iPad 2. The iPhone Dev Team has announced that some streamlining of the Corona A5 Jailbreak is all that is needed to be done before it launches.

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iBooks 2 Reveals Some High-Res Images

We mentioned earlier that iBooks 2 launched yesterday. Along with bringing Textbooks and a whole revamp of where media is going, we are not getting in to some of the technical details behind it. By looking around the package a user has found a few high-res images that are used by the iPad version.

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Nike+ FuelBand Announced

Nike has announced the Nike+ FuelBand. The bracelet is similar to others you may have seen before which includes the Jawbone UP. Nike has a slightly different approach with this device and uses a calorie counter on a display. The device connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone or can be synced by USB and can be monitored online so that you can set goals and track if you are reaching those goals.

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iTunes U for iPad and iPhone Released

It was a big day for Apple yesterday and certainly a day where an industry is shaken up a little. As well as launching iBooks 2 with Textbooks and iBooks Author for the Mac, Apple also launched iTunes U for the iPhone and iPad. The app follows along with iTunes U that has been available in iTunes on the Mac or PC for a while, but allows you to sync your notes, courses and content between devices so that you can study whilst on the move.

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iBooks 2 Launches

Apple has launched iBooks 2. The new app comes as a free update to the original iBooks app and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Several new features have landed in version 2 which includes multi-touch textbooks that bring diagrams, photos and videos to the user. 3D objects can now be found in books as well as videos and other interactive content.

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