Singapore Launches a Camera-Less iPhone 4S

Last week, various blogs reported that Singapore operator M1, was about to launch an iPhone 4S without a camera. The reason for it is related to the military in that country prohibiting the use of mobile phones with cameras. To get around that regulation, M1 has removed the cameras from the iPhone 4S and is selling it without. With the modifications, the iPhone 4S is now approved for use.

As well as offering a camera-less 4S, the comms company also offers the iPhone 4 without cameras.

It isn’t clear how Apple view these modifications as they are not done by Apple. The carrier removes the cameras and then provides a certificate to say that they were removed. It also isn’t clear how iOS responds to the lack of a camera and if loading up official or unofficial camera apps just throws up an error.

Either way, once the cameras are removed they cannot be installed again. Also, the warranty is invalid at that point. To get any sort of warranty requires that users purchase an extended warranty from the carrier. Price wise, the phones are $38 more than the ones with cameras in.

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