Google Earth Update Makes Globe More Seamless

Google has just updated Google Earth with a few new features. One of the main features is that the globe and zoomed out satellite imagery is now seamless which means there is less or no patch work covering around the earth. The reason for the previous versions looking like patch work is due to photos being captured at different times and under different brightnesses of light and cloud covers. You can see a before and after shot of the Grand Canyon just below.

Google [GOOG] has achieved this change by using a new technique to render the satellite images. By rendering this new way, it smooths out the mosaic and makes it look like a seamless image. These images are being pushed out to both the desktop and mobile versions although Google recommend using version 6.2 for desktop for the best experience.

Google+ integration is also added to the new desktop version. You are now able to share screenshots with Google+ and your circles.

Finally, the search feature has been updated and streamlined to look a little better. The new visual design works well with Google Earth. Search layers have been added so that you can search within specific layers of information rather than just a global search.

Overall, a nice update for those who love to browse around the world with Google Earth.


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