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Fake iPads Accidentally Sold at Major Canadian Retailers

An interesting story has revealed that some fake iPads were sold by some major Canadian retailers. What was actually sold was a lump of clay which was put in an official iPad 2 box which was then professionally sealed. It is believed that about 24 of them were sold this way.

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LoveFilm Streaming Added to LG Smart TVs

LoveFilm has announced that the the new range of LG Smart TVs will be able to stream LoveFilm content to viewers. The streaming won’t include pay-per-view but will include 5,000 or more films from the library.

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New Firmware for Amazon Kindle Fire Launched – V. 6.2.2

Amazon has released a new update for the Kindle Fire that brings it up to version 6.2.2. The new version brings a new feature to the tablet but we should also warn here that it also breaks root for those who have rooted their new tablet.

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iPhone 4S Unlockers Should Avoid iOS 5.0.1

Apple is making it increasingly hard to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone. At the moment, the iPhone 4S cannot be jailbroken or unlocked although soon a jailbreak will be launched to address part of it.

For those of you still running an iPhone 4S on iOS 5 then it’s time to update to 5.0.1, but before you do, read on below for a caveat that might make you change your mind.

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Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Could Be Rolling Out Early

A video posted online shows that Ice Cream Sandwich could already be landing on the Asus Transformer Prime. The Android 4.0 update was scheduled to be released this coming Thursday although the posted video shows a Transformer Prime running it now.

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iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Hints At Siri for the iPad and iPod touch

Now that iOS 5.1 Beta 3 has been seeded to developers, we are now seeing reports and hints at what could be included in future updates. One of the first discoveries is that the iPad and perhaps the iPod touch could be getting some form of Siri.

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iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Now Available

Apple has released a new beta version of iOS 5.1. This time it’s Beta 3 which brings us another step closer to a final release.

Not many changes are found within beta 3 other than the usual list of bug fixes which iron out problems before the final launch. What has changed in this version is the Enable 3G toggle which was removed on the iPhone 4S.

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Gorilla Glass 2 Gets 20 Percent Thinner

Last week, Corning teased a new glass called Gorilla Glass 2. Other than knowing its a follow on from Gorilla Glass, there wasn’t any other information made available. Corning has now provided the details of what has changed between versions. As it’s glass, the details might be too much of a surprise, but at the same time this will help smartphones become a little sleeker.

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Asus Transformer Tablet Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update Coming Soon

We’ve already had confirmation that the new Asus Transformer Prime will be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. This is of course happening on the 12th January (this week!). For those with the older generation device, the Asus Transformer, you’ll also be getting the update this week.

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Lenovo Launch a 10 Inch Transformable Tablet – IdeaTab S2

Lenovo has launched a new tablet called the Lenovo IdeaTab S2. The device measures just 8.69mm thick and comes with a 10 inch display. The operating system running on the S2 is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The keyboard is an extra which adds a little thickness to the tablet. In a similar way to the Transformer Prime, the S2 keyboard allows the tablet portion to be docked so it can be used more like a laptop for data entry.

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iOS Devices to Get Quad-Core Processors

The beta of iOS 5.1 has some indications that the next iPad and iPhone will run a quad-core processor. That particular processor is expected to be an Apple A6 provided by Samsung. Although a quad-core chip is not really a surprise, what is good to see is that the iOS 5.1 beta has references to such a processor.

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iPhone 4S Users Take Double the Data as iPhone 4 Users

An interesting report has been doing the rounds today about the iPhone 4S and how much data users eat through whilst using the device. When comparing it to the iPhone 4, users use double the amount of data. Some reports are blaming it on Siri with this being the only extra on the device.

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