Nike+ FuelBand Announced

Nike has announced the Nike+ FuelBand. The bracelet is similar to others you may have seen before which includes the Jawbone UP. Nike has a slightly different approach with this device and uses a calorie counter on a display. The device connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone or can be synced by USB and can be monitored online so that you can set goals and track if you are reaching those goals.

Nike looks to have done a good job with the FuelBand. At the moment it costs $149.99 and is available in the US only although they are taking email addresses for those interested out of the US.

The system uses an interesting method of telling you how you are progressing through the day. If you are not moving enough then the band lets you know with a series of lights. If they burn green then all is well, likewise if they drop to red then you need to get more active.

On the technical side, the band tracks activity by what it calls Oxygen Kinetics which looks at a mixture of signals to give an accurate reading of activity.

It looks impressive but does have a high price tag. Others in the niche haven’t done so well, so perhaps with the Nike brand behind it, the company can do well with it.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how it will work with you:

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