Jawbone Up Tracks Activity, Food and Sleep

Jawbone is stepping away from the usual bluetooth headset with a new device called Up. Up is a wristband that communicates with an iPhone. What it does is help track how you sleep, get active and what you eat. By combining data it helps you to live a more healthy lifestyle.

The Up is launching on Sunday in the US and will cost $100 and will then follow in other countries on November 17.

Some of the interesting features are included in a free app that you install to make use of Up. The app allows you to take a picture of what you are eating and can then identify the food and track/log it.

Other features include a step tracker that keeps track of distance walked along with how fast you walked. As you generally wear the device 24 hours a day, it also tracks how much time sitting around you have and can buzz to make recommendations telling you to get active for a few minutes.

A sleep tracker is also built in to the device and senses what your sleep state is. If you have your alarm set to wake you at 6am it will wake you up a little before so you are not in a deep sleep when the alarm goes off.

Using it with iOS appears to be mandatory and we hear there is no web version of the app which means you will be stuck to using it on an iPhone (perhaps an iPod touch as well). An Android version is in the works but there is no release date for that.

It launches this weekend with a price tag of $100 in the US. UK and other pricing around the world is not available just yet.


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