Google Wants to Speed up the Web by Making TCP Faster

Google is on a quest to speed up the web and has been for a while. The idea is that web pages load quicker which in turn, makes a better experience for the user.

The next phase in the quest is related to TCP. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is currently used to deliver web content across the internet. It allows computers to connect up to networks and networks to connect to other networks. Google has created some suggestions that will change how TCP works a little.

Google has suggested several changes which will help increase the effectiveness of TCP which will in turn, speed up the web. The main problem is that Google cannot go ahead and change how TCP works as it is a standard used around the world. The research they have done will need to be reviewed, approved and when done it will gradually be implemented on various routers and other equipment.

Below is a summary of 4 items suggested. Click on the source link below for an explanation of what each means and how each can speed up the web.

1. Increase TCP initial congestion window to 10 (IW10).

2. Reduce the initial timeout from 3 seconds to 1 second.

3. Use TCP Fast Open (TFO).

4. Use Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP (PRR).

Impressive stuff! Just a shame it cannot be implemented right now.


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