iBooks 2 Reveals Some High-Res Images

We mentioned earlier that iBooks 2 launched yesterday. Along with bringing Textbooks and a whole revamp of where media is going, we are not getting in to some of the technical details behind it. By looking around the package a user has found a few high-res images that are used by the iPad version.

A similar thing happened when a new version of iBooks launched last year. Higher resolution images were found which led on to rumours of the iPad 2 getting a Retina display. This of course didn’t happen and the “reason” for the high-res images was due to a mistake made by someone who worked on the iPhone 4 app who accidentally put some higher resolution iPad sized images in there.

Those images are now back and when scaled correctly they appear to be the perfect match for a screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. On a 9.7 inch screen that would make a PPI of 260 which is less than the Retina on the iPhone 4. The difference is that the screen is generally held further away which allows for a lower PPI to still classify as Retina.

So, are they added by mistake? Possibly. Apple is likely to introduce a higher res screen on the iPad 3 although we have no idea if iBooks 2 having larger images is related or just a simple mistake.


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