Will the iPhone 5 Be Longer/Wider and Launch in the Summer? – I don’t think so

Rumours have started circulating again about the future of the iPhone and the next generation model. It is currently being called the iPhone 5 which is quite possible although some argue it could be the iPhone 6. Either way, that’s not too important right now.

What the latest rumours say is that the iPhone 5 will not have a tear-drop design, but that it will have a 4 inch screen and be slightly taller and slightly wider than the current iPhone 4S. We also hear that Apple will be switching back to a summer launch for the device.

I disagree with all ideas here. The iPhone 4S is selling well and I believe Apple moved to an October launch for a reason… to basically put some distance between the iPad launch and the iPhone launch which would allow for customers to save and buy both in more cases than if they were still 2 or 3 months apart. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to move back to June/July for the launch of the next gen model.

As for Apple [AAPL] making the device larger in 2 dimensions so that a bigger screen can be used… I doubt it. Apple is unlikely to announce a device that’s bigger. The screen “might” be larger but to achieve that they would likely make the currently thin bezel extremely thin to squeeze another 1/4 of an inch or so of screen in to it. Again, this would mess with the current PPI of the screen, so sticking with a 3.5 inch display might be the case here.

A few other thoughts on the iPhone 5:

Will it feature a quad-core processor? This is a difficult one as an A6 makes sense in terms of moving forwards but at the same time the A5 is a little harsher on the iPhone 4S battery. Apple might just tweak the battery and speed up the processor that is currently in there now or perhaps provide something else to speed it up. Although Apple wont release processor speed numbers and exact details we still expect to see a “5X faster performance” type label given to the device although they might not reveal exactly how it was done.

4G might appear, but that depends on the size of chips and battery consumption. Apple will not want to kill user experience by killing the battery (you might argue that iOS 5.0/5.0.1 already killed it).

We expect to hear something late September or early October with a mid-October launch for the iPhone 5.


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