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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Release Date is Today

Microsoft [MSFT] has begun rolling out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango today and is now pushing it to various WP7 smartphones. Although some users are getting the update, not all are at the moment so if you are unsure, check for updates on your smartphone. A full list of the details can be found for international and the USA. Although each row says that it is delivering the update (in most cases), not the *** on some of them to see exactly which devices either are or are not receiving it.

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iPhone 5 Launch Event on October 4 Announced

After a few weeks of speculation, Apple [AAPL] has now sent out invites to an event being held on the 4th October at 10am at the Cupertino Apple campus. The image below has been sent out to various people to describe the event.

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Facebook Account Now Required for Free Spotify Accounts (US)

Spotify launched in the US a few months ago. More recently the company opened up the free service as a free for all. A change has now been made which now requires new signups to go through Facebook to get an account. What this essentially means is that anyone now wanting a free Spotify account also requires a Facebook account so that the account can be opened up.

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Amazon Kindle Tablet to be Called Kindle Fire

TechCrunch has confirmed that the Amazon event being held tomorrow is for the Amazon Kindle tablet. However, the device will not be known as just the Kindle as expected. Instead, it will carry the name Amazon Kindle Fire. The reason for the slight name change is that the Amazon Kindle is normally an e-ink reader. The kindle Fire will be a Google Android OS based colour tablet. The name change distinguishes both devices from each other.

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Most Magazines Sign On for Amazon Kindle Tablet

When the new Amazon Kindle tablet launches it will come with a number of magazine publishers signed up. It is believed that Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith have signed deals to get their content on to the Amazon tablet. If you look back a year or so you might remember that a number of publishers also signed up for the iPad although it seems due to Apple asking a bit too much it has put some publishers off the platform.

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Google Drive Could be Launching Soon

We’ve heard of Google Drive a few times over the past few years. The service has been real in the past and was used internally, but due to problems and it not being ready, it never made it public. This could be changing soon.

GDrive is a service that is similar to Google Docs in that you can store documents and files within the cloud. What GDrive will do is make it more noticeable to all users that they can store more than just the documents they edit within the cloud.

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iPhone 5 Assistant Feature Detailed

A few more details about the new iPhone 5 were posted today over at 9to5Mac. Amongst a new feature called Assistant, a few other features were mentioned such as it getting 1GB of RAM, a higher resolution 8 megapixel camera that has a back lit sensor to improve shots in low light conditions.

The device will use the Apple A5 processor (a dual-core chip) and mixed with the 1GB of RAM it will provide even more power than the iPad 2. The reason for the extra boost in performance is due to something called Assistant that is rumoured to be launching on the iPhone 5.

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WordPress App for iOS Gets a Much Needed Update

Automattic has released a new version of WordPress for iOS devices. The app is free and is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

New features include the following:

? A Feature-Rich Content Editor. Now you can easily format text, make bulleted lists, create links, and do all kinds of other fancy stuff. (It’s about time, right?)
? Full Screen Editing. No more teeny-weeny content editor — now you can view more text at a time while you post on the go.
? Reading Made Easy. Keeping track of your favorite blogs has never been easier. Browse all the latest posts on blogs you follow in one place, right from your iPhone.

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Another iPhone 5 Case Leaks Ahead of Launch

A few more iPhone 5 cases have leaked ahead of the launch date next week. Although the authenticity of the cases cannot be verified until we actually see the official iPhone 5, it does give us something to think about.

What we see with these cases is that the camera has retained its iPhone 4 location although the mute switch looks to have switched over to the other side.

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iTunes Match and iCloud library Reset Scheduled for Today

On Thursday, Apple reset iCloud and wiped all backup data from the service. This of course only effected Apple developers as they are the only ones who currently have access to the service. The implications of this meant that users simply had to create new backups from scratch.

Apple has now announced that iTunes Match and iCloud library are also being reset. The reset is scheduled for 10am PST today and will wipe all iTunes data from the cloud.

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Amazon Press Conference Scheduled for September 28 – New Tablet?

Amazon has sent out invites for a press conference that will be held this coming Wednesday 28th September. No details of what the event will be about have been hinted at although a number of people believe Amazon will be launching the Amazon Kindle tablet this day.

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10 Million Galaxy SII Devices Sold to Sales Channel

Samsung has announced that 10 million Samsung Galaxy SII devices have been sold in to the sales channel. This number follows the launch of the smartphone in to the US market.

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