iPhone 5 Launch Event on October 4 Announced

After a few weeks of speculation, Apple [AAPL] has now sent out invites to an event being held on the 4th October at 10am at the Cupertino Apple campus. The image below has been sent out to various people to describe the event.

The set of images used this time show the date, time and location as well as the Phone icon from iOS. What makes this a little curious is the number 1 added to the phone icon. This normally represents missed calls or voice mails when seen on an iPhone screen, but in this case it could hint at a couple of things. The first is that they are trying to hint that just the 1 iPhone will be announced on Tuesday. The other option is that they will be focusing on 1 thing… the iPhone with the two rumoured models being announced.

My own thoughts are that Apple will be launching a single iPhone on October 4th with perhaps the iPhone 4 dropping in price. We wont know for sure till next week, but when the announcement happens, we’ll be ready.


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