iTunes Match and iCloud library Reset Scheduled for Today

On Thursday, Apple reset iCloud and wiped all backup data from the service. This of course only effected Apple developers as they are the only ones who currently have access to the service. The implications of this meant that users simply had to create new backups from scratch.

Apple has now announced that iTunes Match and iCloud library are also being reset. The reset is scheduled for 10am PST today and will wipe all iTunes data from the cloud.

Apple [AAPL] has said that the reset is necessary so that performance can be improved as well as reliability. This is expected with the service still being in beta.

iTunes Match will need to be switched off on ALL devices and any songs stored locally will be safe although anything remote will be wiped and will need to be rematched to get it back.

This particular reset is in preparation for an iOS 5 release date of early to mid-October.


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