Amazon Press Conference Scheduled for September 28 – New Tablet?

Amazon has sent out invites for a press conference that will be held this coming Wednesday 28th September. No details of what the event will be about have been hinted at although a number of people believe Amazon will be launching the Amazon Kindle tablet this day.

We wont know for sure until the event but due to the number of details of a Kindle Tablet being released over the past few weeks we expect Amazon will be announcing the low price Android tablet.

For those of you who haven’t heard anything about the Kindle Tablet, the device is said to have a 7 inch screen at launch with a 10 inch model following in the new year. It will run the Google Android operating system although will be customised to step away from the traditional Android experience. The price is expected to be $250 or less when it launches and we hear it also has a colour screen and is integrated with the Amazon App Store rather than the Android Market. Storage capacity is low at 6GB which leads us to believe the tablet will heavily rely on the cloud for storage, perhaps an Amazon S3 service being bundled in with the price.

One final detail for now is that Amazon could create a 3G model that uses the same subscription service as the Kindle reader, ie.. free to use and download content.

We’ll have all the details on Wednesday assuming it is a Kindle tablet being launched.


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