Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Release Date is Today

Microsoft [MSFT] has begun rolling out Windows Phone 7.5 Mango today and is now pushing it to various WP7 smartphones. Although some users are getting the update, not all are at the moment so if you are unsure, check for updates on your smartphone. A full list of the details can be found for international and the USA. Although each row says that it is delivering the update (in most cases), not the *** on some of them to see exactly which devices either are or are not receiving it.

As well as the Mango 7.5 Release date finally being here, the Web Marketplace also goes live today and allows WP7.5 Mango users to browse apps on the web and have them sent to their smartphone (similar to how Android works with the online store).

On the downside of the launch, Internet Sharing will not be available for existing devices at the moment. This might be permanent but for now we only know that existing WP7 devices will not be able to use Internet Sharing.


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