Most Magazines Sign On for Amazon Kindle Tablet

When the new Amazon Kindle tablet launches it will come with a number of magazine publishers signed up. It is believed that Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith have signed deals to get their content on to the Amazon tablet. If you look back a year or so you might remember that a number of publishers also signed up for the iPad although it seems due to Apple asking a bit too much it has put some publishers off the platform.

The notable standout, for now, is Time Warner’s giant Time Inc., which has yet to come to terms with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. A person familiar with negotiations suggests that a deal won’t get done in the next two days, either — “hopefully by the end of the year” was the guidance I got today.

Amazon is believed to be using similar terms to what Apple [AAPL] is using. The publisher will keep about 70% of the revenue with the rest going to Amazon.

On Wednesday, a 7 inch tablet is expected to arrive. The publishers are believed to be making content that matches the slightly smaller screen while also preparing for a 10 inch Amazon Tablet launch.

Expect to see all the details tomorrow at the official Amazon event.

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