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TomTom for iPad Announced

TomTom for iPad has been announced at IFA this year. The new app will offer the same functions as the iPhone version but will be designed for the large screen. Although the app will be essentially the same as the iPhone version it will feature sharper graphics as well as controls that are mapped out better for a larger screen device.

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Haier Wire Free 3D HDTV Unveiled

Haier is about to introduce a new 3D HDTV that requires no wires attached to it to make it work. To achieve this the company has designed the 3D TV along with radiation free magnetic resonance coupling that allows the TV to be powered without attaching a physical wire to the device.

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Apple Releases the iOS 5 Beta 7 OTA Update to Developers

Apple has rolled out its next beta version of iOS 5. This new version is Beta 7 is mainly a bug fix with it being this late on in the release schedule. There are a few new tweaks though such as the ability to set WiFi settings for iTunes sync which means you can now select which Mac you want your iOS 5 device to sync to if you have several options.

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iPhone 5 Thumbnail Image Hints at a 3.7 Inch Screen

In Photo Stream Beta an icon has appeared on the latest update that shows a very small thumbnail of what is believed to be an iPhone 5. The small icon (pictured below) hints that the screen is slightly larger with the phone being shorter on the top and bottom side. It also hints that the home button has now become more rectangle with rounded edges perhaps in a ratio of 4 by 2.

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iPhone 5 Found in a Bar – No Pictures

CNET has reported that an iPhone 5 was lost then found and sold on Craigslist towards the end of July. The iPhone 5 was lost by an employee and when found, it sold for about $200 on the Craigslist website.

It reminds us of what happened last year when Gizmodo purchased an iPhone 4 for $5000 and put pictures of it up on the Internet. This time around Apple was a little more lucky in that no pictures have been released.

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