Refurbished MacBook Air Drops $170 – Refresh Coming Soon?

Apple could be preparing to launch a refresh of the MacBook Air. We have been hearing rumours about this for the past few weeks and the latest hint is that Apple just dropped the price of the refurbished MacBook Air by $170.

The normal refurbished price is $999 and it has now dropped to $829. For that price, you get a 64GB SSD as well as a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

If the rumours and hints are correct, then expect to see the performance and memory increased. We might see 4GB models running the latest Intel processors. Rumours earlier this month also hinted that the MacBook Air could be getting an ARM A5 chip just like the one found in the iPad. We heard that Apple were testing these in the MacBook Air, but are not sure if they will opt for those just yet.

We also expect that Apple will integrate the Thunderbolt port in the MacBook Air as it has with the iMac and MacBook Pro refreshes from earlier this year.

Expect to hear something new in the next month or so. We’ll have more details as we hear them.

For those of you interested in a refurbished model, full details are available over here.

Via: Coated and ChipChick

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