NVIDIA Kal-El Shadowgun Demo

Yesterday, we reported on a tablet app called Glowball that was specifically designed to be run on the yet to be released NVIDIA Quad-core Kal-El processor. The demo showed real time rendering of graphics as well as a comparison between dual-core and quad-core processors.

Today, we now see that a new demonstration has arrived called Shadowgun. This game will be one of the first launched that will make use of the new quad-core Kal-El processor from NVIDIA. Unfortunately, the demo isn’t running on a quad-core processor, but instead, it’s on a Tegra 2 powering the Acer Iconia.

The game appears to run very smoothly on the Tegra 2 which should mean we see a lot more detail and lighting when the Kal-El chip launches.

No release date for the game is available, but we do know that NVIDIA will launch the quad-core Kal-El around September of this year, so expect Shadowgun to arrive shortly after when the first Kal-El tablets arrive.


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