Smartphone and Tablet Combine in to TransPhone

Yesterday we saw the ASUS PadFone and today, we see the TransPhone from CMIT. The device follows the same principle as the PadFone in that the smartphone docks in the tablet to be charged and provide a larger screen when needed. When we say it follows the same principle, it was actually unveiled before the PadFone which seems to mean that ASUS isn’t the only one who has the idea of combining the two devices.

The TransPhone has a processor clocked at 1.2GHz. The CPU is provided by Qualcomm and is dual-core. The tablet screen is capable of SVGA resolutions although we don’t know what screen size the tablet or the phone have. We suspect a 10 inch and 4 inch config.

Although the concept is the same as the PadFone, there are differences in design such as the PadFone being enclosed inside the tablet while the TransPhone seems to just dock in the back and not be covered.

The TransPhone comes with a bluetooth headset allowing calls to be made and received while using the unit in tablet mode. What we don’t know is what OS will be running on the tablet. We think it will be an Android tablet and expect that it will launch with IceCream rather than Honeycomb due to the ability of the newer Android working on Smartphones as well as tablets.

Source Via: Geeky Gadgets

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