ASUS Padfone Now Official

ASUS has released some official photos of the new Padfone that was leaked earlier. The device is both a tablet and a smartphone in one package and works as a hybrid solution. The smartphone part of the device can be detached from the back of the tablet which allows the user to more easily make phone calls.

Although the Pad and the fone can be put together as one device, the system is also unique in that each device can function as separate devices when separated.

The tablet has a screen that measure 10.1 inches and the smartphone has a 4.3 inch screen.

The devices will each run the Android operating system. We also know that there will be two options available (colours) with those being copper or black. The tablet is wifi only and comes with a battery inside. When the phone is docked, the extra battery can charge the smartphone while the tablet can borrow the 3G connection of the phone… thus saving the need of two 3G devices with two SIM cards.

A few other bits of information we know also reveal that the camera on the phone will also work on the tablet, thus cutting out the need of a rear camera on the tablet.

We expect to hear more about the Padfone at Computex where some of the technical specs along with expected release dates will be provided.


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