Dual and Quad Core Amazon Tablets Could Arrive This Year

Amazon is likely to be launching two new tablets by the end of this year. The two tablets are codenamed Coyote and Hollywood with Coyote being the entry level tablet which will utilise a Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside. Moving on to Hollywood, it is expected that Amazon will use a quad-core chip called the NVIDIA T30 “Kal-El”.

The Quad-core processor is expected to have a 500% performance increase when compared to the Tegra 2 tablets. If this is the case, expect a few good things to come of this tablet such as the possibility of a high-res screen and some powerful applications.

Although specifics have not been confirmed, we did hear recently that Amazon had almost confirmed that they will be moving beyond the Kindle this year.

What we don’t know at the moment is what screen sizes Amazon will use. We guess that they will go for the usual 7 inch to 10.1 inch size, perhaps around the 9 inch mark.

We also don’t know what OS the tablet will use. What we do expect is that Amazon will be a little more creative than some others and work on finer details such as screen technology and other battery saving technology.


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