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Samsung Windows Phone 7 Update Reinstated

Problems became apartment last month when Microsoft [MSFT] pushed out the first Windows Phone 7 update to all devices. Mostly, things went very smooth but for those with a Samsung Omnia 7, there was a different story. Reports soon came in that the upgrade process was breaking several steps in and when users saw crashes on a specific step, it actually bricked the device.

In response to that, Microsoft pulled the update for Samsung users. We now hear that the problems have been resolved and that the updates are now working correctly. [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Gets Gingerbread Update Unofficially

For those running an Experia X10, you now have an option to install Gingerbread. Before you run and try grab the download, there’s just a few things to point out.

First, this update is not official, so run at your own risk and make sure you follow any instructions. It is best that you avoid if you don’t know what you are doing.

Second, as it’s not official, not everything works as it should. For example, there’s no sound in this build and the camera also doesn’t work. [Read more…]

The Complexities of Why iPad Has no HDMI Port

When Apple announces a new iPad or any other iOS, it comes as no surprise that a HDMI port is not built in. We originally put this down to Apple wanting to control the way we connect to our iPad or iPhone in that we use the standard 30 pin dock connector. We also believed it to be that Apple doesn’t want to mess with a design by having a side full of ports. On all iOS devices (not inc Apple TV), Apple keeps a clean look around the edges by having a small amount of buttons and a single port to connect to a computer. The only other slot available is the discretely positioned microSIM slot that hides behind an almost invisible cover.

Chris Alexander has another take on this though in that he says the HDMI port is actually related to costs and licensing. [Read more…]

Apple Drop the iPad Price in the UK

Apple has dropped the price of the original iPad in the UK which now gives you the option to pick up the tablet with a price starting at £329.

Each model looks to have dropped £100 in price from the original which sees the original iPad priced as follows:

WiFi Only
£329 – 16GB
£399 – 32GB
£479 – 64GB

WiFi and 3G
£429 – 16GB
£499 – 32GB
£579 – 64GB [Read more…]

iOS 4.3 Release Date is March 11

Apple has announced that the iOS 4.3 release date will be March 11. Several updates are included in this version which includes the new Personal Hotspot feature that we have seen before in the beta versions as well as on the Verizon iPhone 4.

We also see that Apple has increased the performance of the Safari browser and made improvements to AirPlay.

For compatibility, you need to be running one of the following devices: [Read more…]

$1M Per Day Processed by Square

Square has announced that it is now seeing more than $1,000,000 per day in sales from people using it’s small device. Last fall, the company was processing around a million dollars per week, so what we see here is quite a decent sized increase in the number of transactions being made.

The number of merchants being signed up has increased to about 100,000 per month which is up from 30,000 per month from last fall. In Quarter 1, Square expect to process $40 million in transactions. [Read more…]

Windows 1.0 Upgraded Right up to Windows 7 In Order

YouTube user TheRasteri decided to see what would happen if Windows 1.0 was installed and updated, one version at a time, all the way through to Windows 7. All major versions of the OS were included in the update process which means Windows ME was left out as you only had the option of Win 2K or Me but not both.

Windows 1.0 was first introduced in 1985 on November 20 and required that MS-DOS 5.0 be installed so that Windows could be installed within that. This is how the update procedure worked… DOS 5.0 and Windows 1.0. To check that all worked throughout the several upgrades, Doom 2 and Monkey Island were installed at the beginning and were tested throughout the install process. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Event Stream Now Online

The iPad 2 launched yesterday and we now see that the Apple Special Event has been posted online over on the Apple website.

To successfully view the video, you need to use the following list below, although it kind of works on Firefox as well.

Streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Safari on iOS 3 or later.

[Read more…]

iPad 2 Smart Covers Announced

Along with the launch of the iPad 2, Apple also unveiled the Smart Cover. The cover is different to a case in that it doesn’t wrap around the whole device. Instead, it uses magnets to attach on to the front of the device to keep the screen free from being knocked.

The magnets used are self aligning which means when you attach it, it always sits in the right place. The cover also controls switching the device on and off if needed. When you open the case, the screen enables. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Now Official – FaceTime, Dual-Core and Smart Covers

Apple has announced the iPad 2 at an event held earlier today. New features include a couple of cameras, dual-core processor, new design and a fancy new case/cover.

Just like the previous first gen iPad, the iPad 2 comes in three capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB as well as two options of each which is WiFi only or WiFi and 3G.

The new iPad is now slimmer, lighter and smaller and measures 9.5 inches tall, 7.31 inches wide and has a depth of 0.34 inches. Rumors were quite correct in the positioning of buttons, microSIM slot and also got it right about the cameras. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Pics Surface Again – More Mockups

We’re just hours from the official unveiling of the iPad 2, but have also just come across a number of pictures that are supposedly the next generation tablet although yet again, the Flickr stream which they come from hints that it’s a mockup, probably put together based on dimensions from the case.

What we see in the pictures is a slightly slimmer device with the edges a little more tapered than the previous model. The antenna bar is white instead of black. It has a couple of cameras for Facetime and capturing pictures. We also see that all the same buttons seem to be available in that there’s up/down volume, mute, power. The microSIM slot seems to have moved to the top side of the device (currently at the middle on iPad 1). [Read more…]

Amazing Picture of Discovery Docking with ISS

The picture here (larger below), shows Discovery about to dock with the ISS. The pciture was taken on February 26 and was surprisingly captured with a whole lot of good timing and a Canon EOS 40D connected up to a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

After a very cloudy day the skies cleared to allow a view of this stunning pass of the ISS and Discovery. I could not believe the timing was so fortuitous to show the shuttle closing in on the station. I captured this, what I guess could potentially be, a once in a lifetime image of these two spaceships traveling as separate craft using Canon EOS 40D using eyepiece projection through a hand guided 8.5 inch Newton.

[Read more…]